Vijay Raja Mines & Minerals Limited

Vijay Rajas Mines & Minerals (VRMM) is a pioneer in the production and sales of ‘advanced M SAND and P SAND. VRMM stands tall on quality and environment friendly product to every retail and wholesale customers.

Vijay Rajas Mines & Minerals (VRMM) is founded with a vision to provide unmatched quality M Sand and P Sand for the internal constructions within the Vijay Raja Group entities. With a production capacity of 800 Matric Tones / Day, Vijay Raja’s Mines and Minerals Company today is one of the leading M Sand and P Sand manufacture cum supplier in the region. While the objective of setting up the production unit was for internal consumption, we realized the huge requirement of external supply of “QUALITY Assured M Sand and P Sand” which is a rare scenario in the industry, we further increased our production capacity and the unit machineries to cater to the external customers. All these happened with a visit from one of the predominant construction client to our Construction site in the year 2018, where he happened to notice the quality of M Sand we used in the construction. He recommended his company to procure the M Sand from our Production unit and since then there is no looking back. We aggressively started to diversify our production to facilitate the external customer requirements.

M Sand is the most prioritized Product manufactured at VRMM apart from the P Sand. The M Sand manufactured @ VRMM with utmost care on absolute quality prescribed best practices, gives every customer a predefined guarantee on durability and stability in the constructed structures used with VRMM’s M Sand. Our M Sand is manufactured from ‘selected’ crushed aggregates produced from hard granite stones. The M Sand is cubically shaped with grounded edges, washed and graded with consistency to be used as a substitute of river sand.It is prepared by the world’s best VSI technology. The best quality machines ensures international standards such as IS, BS and ATSM. The IS 383 (1970) makes sure that the sand particles in M Sand is mixed in the right proportion. A uniqueness of M Sand is that there are two different sands specific for plastering and concreting works.
VRMM’s M Sand is considered to be one of the most used sand compared to river sand for its durability and quality assurance of strength in the structure. According the recent survey, the produced quality of M Sand is much higher than the quality of river Sand according to IS 383 (1970). The high end technology and methods used to manufacture Original M Sand makes it the best sand in India.

Being in the construction business, we know perhaps better than anyone else how much people care about investing in a strong infrastructure which is guaranteed with quality M Sand / P Sand.
Honesty and transparency are among the things that we value most. You can expect us to be transparent and honest with you in all dealings and agreements. There is nothing more to us than meets the eye.

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