Vijay Raja Inhouse care

Vijay Raja’s Inhouse Care Pvt Ltd is an Organization with high familiarity in the Industry offering its uninterrupted Facility Management Services to the satisfaction of clients and around Chennai.

Conceived and commenced in the year 2017, we have proven ourselves to expertise in enhancing assets value and reduce costs without compromising on the Quality. Our highly qualified and professional team in Property Team in Property Facility Management Services enhances values and preserves asset life of property through simple yet powerful tools in day to day operations.

Maintaining high standards of cleanliness is most essential in all the places we live and we work . Hence ,housekeeping is on-going and never ending job and will only happen if you have a detailed schedule each day, each week and each month and that they are assigned to specific staff to complete. In addition every staff member has to understand the importance of maintaining these high standards each and every day.

Our cleaning programs are well defined as per premises and clients requirements, which enable you to receive customized schedule of cleaning based on your priorities and budgets.

Our Housekeeping staff managers the basic cleaning tasks in an apartment society. They clean the common areas of an apartment and perform wide range of tasks. Common area in an apartment includes lobbies, corridors, stairways, parking lots, sports, ramps, roof of a building, elevators ,washrooms in lobby areas ,driveways ,clubhouse & amp, store rooms.

Hygienic workplace breeds energetic workforce. Every employee would like to maintain a spick and span atmosphere in his firm. To cater this need, we have a wing which extends cleaning services to all types of establishment.

Our housekeeping staff will be supervised on a regular basis and ensure that they meet the cleanliness standards and guidelines. The supervision team would provide all the cleaning supplies and ensure that the house keeping staff is regular.

Our technical team would provide all support to maintain electrical and plumbing maintenance at site. We have a team of qualified technicians in the respective field /Job with professional background and experience. Daily repairs and maintenance of property are conducted to keep the premises attractive and safe to live and work. This includes both preventive maintenance and on Call Services.

Breakdown maintenance and quick resolutions of service queries. Periodic review and maintenance of all electrical installation. Monitoring and recording electrical equipments on various parameters and taking proactive steps to ensure continuity. Managing the DG Set and Ensuring continues power supply for the facility. Regular checks on fuel consumption and timely procurement on fuel stock. Coordination with O & M Vendors and AMC Vendors to handle breakdown maintenance. Attending day to day complaints and supporting clients with minor electrical works/complaints. Taking care of Lift operations. Ensure to provide lighting inside the premises.

Periodical maintenance of all plumbing lines, ducks , toilets, trenches. Managing water level in OHT & ensure continuous water supply for the facility. Coordinating with O& M vendors and AMC Vendors to handle breakdown maintenance. Attending day to day complaints and supporting clients with minor plumbing works / compliants.

To attain Customer Satisfaction. To develop satisfactory working condition. Anticipating clients wants and taking initiatives towards achieving them. Immediate responsiveness to the emerging problems. Rendering high quality services. Proper training to the employees. To expand our services to meet all the needs of clients in a single point of contact. Seek customer and employee feedback to ascertain improvement opportunities .To work as a team and contribute all our employees working in support of each other to reach our goals. Constant focus on performance, efficiency & amp, effectiveness. 24/7 customer support.

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