With 70 Years of Legacy in Construction Business , we know perhaps better than anyone else how much people care about investing in their Dream homes.Most Peopleinvest life time earnings into their Dream Homes.We have built strong TRUST with our customers and we assure them to maintain the same for ever.Hence we are following TRUST as our Core Value of the business.

We have built strong TRUST with our customers by our dedicated Customer Service , Ontime Delivery with our Quality Projects & Products.

Quality  is  our  key  mantra  for  Success .Vijay  Raja  Group  never  compromise  on  Quality  of  the  products . We follow  all  standard  measures  and  do  all  Quality Audit  before  any  Project  /Product  handover.

We  have  our  own  internal Quality  Audit  team  for  all  our  Group  of  Companies  we  ensure  each  and  every  Product  or  Project  with  high standard  quality  . We  train our  employees  with  the  following  mantra  “ Quality  is  not  an Act ,it  is  an  Habit “.





Transparency  is  one  of  our  key  Core  Value  of  business  . We  ensure  transparency  in  all our  process  internally  within  the  Organisation  also  we  extend  Transparency  to  our  Customers  by  giving  them  clear  specification  of  brands  / Materials  used  in  our  Product /Projects.

We  strongly  believe  when we  open  the  Door  towards  Openness  and  Transparency  a  lot  of  customers  will follow  you  through .

Commitment  unlocks  the  doors  of  imagination allows  vision  , and  gives  us  the  right  stuff  to turn our dream into  reality. There  is  no  biding  Success without  Commitment. People who  are  all  interested   in doing  will do it  when  it  is  convenient . People who are all  committed  will do  it  no matter  what .

We  always  committed  on  our  Quality  , Timeliness  and  Customer  Satisfaction. Such  Commitments  is  one of  Key  success  of  Vijay  Raja  Group  of  Companies.





Every Dream  comes  from  with  a  big  dreamer . We  are  passionate   to  implement all  advanced  technology  in  Construction  Industry  hence  we  are using SAP, Sales  Force  . We are passionate to give an advanced customer service to  our Customer hence  we  have  implemented  user friendly  MOBILE  APP  . We  are  passionate  to  give  a  Smart  Living  Space  to  our  Customers. We  are  passionate  to extend a  high  hospitality  to  our  customers .

We have highlypassionate team in  all the  verticals  of   our   Department  in  all  our  Group  OF  Companies. We  design  all our   PROJECTS  OR  PRODUCTS  which  will fulfil our  Customer Passion.