VR policy

We endeavour to, Do the right thing by playing a key role in addressing issues that are central to our business including our environmental impact, we always care and work with below mantras such as SAVE WATER, SAVE TREES & GODIGITAL

Quality Product in Affordable pricing this is the Key Success of our Group. We give Home Scan Report which given details specifications of the materials we use .

There’s a strong belief of commitment and passion, leadership as much as there is the trust and transparency. The inbuilt quality @ Vijay Raja Group of ‘treating people with respect and encouragement of innovation’ the culture of the organization. The secret of the organizational success is nurturing a win-win culture with the best of best technology and processes to create a scalable platform for innovation and growth.

The strategic growth of Vijay Raja can be described in 3 simple terms – 1) Choosing the right people, 2) Value addition and professional career growth to each employee 3) Retention till retire. The Group believes that sustainable business success rests completely on its employees and is achieved by unlocking their collective potential. This forms the core of all the Group’s HR initiatives, leading to a culture marked by transparency, freedom to operate and inclusiveness.

We champion innovation, and encourage our people to seek creative ways to engage with customers and subsequently creating value addition and happiness to every customer of the Group. Viajay Raja Group is destined to create a work life balance for its employees valuing performance at its best. The Employees of Vijay Raja is Further named as VeeRans.

Our Customer can expect our Full Circle Service as above

We follow two principles for grievance addressal any Emails must be revereted within Twenty Four Hours and any Grievances the same must be addresses within 48 Hours.